Sunday, October 11, 2009

My First Month Income Online ... NZ$100 .. Wow!

This is the screen shot of my first income online. It is from the Affiliate Program called Affiliano. The company is based in New Zealand that is why they pay NZ Dollar. Not bad as a start. My investment ... TIME and a US$40 ... From my calculation .. I gain. To learn more about Affiliano Affiliate Program, visit:

Thanks to Bob Gatchel for his motivation. His audio of Internet Riches is an eye opener for me on to venture into this Internet business. Thank you also Robert Allen, my first mentor for the book One Minute Millionaire that created this desire. I know it is just a little amount to start with. But it means so much to me. I know I can make it.

To connect with Bob Gatchel, visit

To know more about Robert Allen and be the next Millionaire, visit

Just a little more time ... a little more patience ... and lots of perseverance. More webinars to attend to improve my earnings. More emails from my new mentors ... And lots of new exciting ventures that will FAST TRACK everything.

To Tatay, just hold on a little while and our DREAMS will be realized ... This all for you, PATSIE. We love you so much ....

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