Sunday, October 11, 2009

Internet Marketing 101, Part 1

Below articles are being shared to all those interested to venture in Internet Marketing. It was given to me by Steven Holdaway, my mentor in Google Advertisement. Read on and decide if Internet Marketing is for you!

Today you will learn background information about making money
online and why you should want to make money online.

Making money online is completely different from all other jobs or
money making opportunities. There are several reasons for this,
but the top reasons are the following. The internet is world wide
and is always open. Imagine if you had a store or business that
was within walking distance of everyone in the world. Now imagine
that your store never closes and it can make sales for you without
you or anyone else having to be there. This means you will make
money while you are sleeping and even while you are on vacation.

This sounds too good to be true doesn't it? But this happens
constantly on the internet. Webpages don't require you to monitor
them 24/7, in fact most people only check on them once or twice a
week. And since the internet is world wide, it means everyone in
the world is your potential customer.

You're probably thinking..."this sounds good, but I don't have an
online store or even a webpage or a product". I have some good
news for you. There are thousands of companies and webpages that
pay you to sell their products for them online. This means that
there are thousands of products available for you to sell and make
money with.

These companies are completely free to join and they will give you
a webpage to use to make sales with.

I will give you more information about these companies and webpages in my later blog posts.

My First Month Income Online ... NZ$100 .. Wow!

This is the screen shot of my first income online. It is from the Affiliate Program called Affiliano. The company is based in New Zealand that is why they pay NZ Dollar. Not bad as a start. My investment ... TIME and a US$40 ... From my calculation .. I gain. To learn more about Affiliano Affiliate Program, visit:

Thanks to Bob Gatchel for his motivation. His audio of Internet Riches is an eye opener for me on to venture into this Internet business. Thank you also Robert Allen, my first mentor for the book One Minute Millionaire that created this desire. I know it is just a little amount to start with. But it means so much to me. I know I can make it.

To connect with Bob Gatchel, visit

To know more about Robert Allen and be the next Millionaire, visit

Just a little more time ... a little more patience ... and lots of perseverance. More webinars to attend to improve my earnings. More emails from my new mentors ... And lots of new exciting ventures that will FAST TRACK everything.

To Tatay, just hold on a little while and our DREAMS will be realized ... This all for you, PATSIE. We love you so much ....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The largest MLM online is about to launch.. HURRY!

The last blog I have is about Affiliate Marketing! YOu should by now understand what Affiliate Marketing is. There are so many affiliate marketing online. All you have to do is to look for them, study their system and decide. I have been asking my mentors about what is the best Affiliate Marketing. THey would tell me that it will depend on my niche. Since I concentrate on making money online, I have found one Affiliate Marketing that I think will suit my needs - the GVO - Global Virtual Opportunities - the largest MLM Online.

It was recommended to me by Alvin Pang - one of my new mentors in Affiliate Marketing. Why do I know it will be the largest launch online ever? The founder, Joel Therien has a 12 years track record of success online. With that experience, I know, he knows what he is doing! His clients includes the BIGGEST Internet and MLM Marketers online like Stephen Pierce, Tom Beal, Jeff Johnson, Alvin Pang and soon, ME and YOU!


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